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Lloyd has been around horses all of his life.  His dad was a rancher in South Dakota and an excellent horseman.  Lloyd, being raised on the ranch, was riding ponies by the time he was three years old and he helped his dad break and train his first horse when Lloyd was only six years old. His dream was to raise, start, and train his own horses and actively participate in roping events, rodeo and horse shows.  Each of which eventually became a reality, and along the way he started and trained a lot of outside horses as well.

Lloyd grew up participating in all of the riding activities on the family ranch.  He had a special affinity for horses and roping so he started carrying a rope with him nearly everywhere he went at an early age and he cannot remember the time when he did not know how to ride.  He would rope standing objects and everything that moved including cats, dogs, chickens, and anything else that got within range of his rope until he got big enough to start roping from a horse.  Most of the time after that he confined his roping to catching cattle and horses, but just about any other object, moving or still; was occasionally a target for his rope as well.

Lloyd’s father, while not interested in raising horses, speculated in horses and brought home many a horse, including some tough ones, so Lloyd and his brother got plenty of opportunity to ride and train all kinds of horses while doing ranch work.

Until Lloyd was about 15, the ranch used horses to do the haying and other jobs which enabled Lloyd to gain experience working driving horses as well.  The raking was done with a single horse pulling an old dump rake.  The windrows were gather into piles with a horse powered sweep and then loaded on to a wagon with pitchforks and hauled home to stack with a team of horses.  Once home the hay was rolled into large stacks using long hay ropes and teams of horses.

At about the age of 15, Lloyd began to have a desire to raise his own horses and attempted to convince his dad to partner with him in a Quarter horse breeding venture.  However, his father totally rejected that idea, so Lloyd’s desire to raise his own horses had to be put on hold until he was out on his own.

Although college rodeo was in its infancy while Lloyd was in college, he hauled a horse to college with him so that he could compete in tie down roping (called simply calf roping in those days) and other roping events.  After college, Lloyd continued his roping at every opportunity and began to do tie down team roping as well.  Although his desire to compete in SDRA rodeos was curtailed by a growing family and lack of funds, he purchase his first register American Quarter Horse Stallion in 1963 and began to raise his own horses.

Unfortunately for Lloyd and his stallion, that horse was killed by lightning during the summer of 1966; so once again, his dream of raising his own horses was put on hold until a new stallion could be acquired.  The year 2016 will mark his fortieth year for continuous breeding and registering American Quarter Horses under the banner of Bar LD Quarter Horses.  The Bar LD Quarter Horse Ranch has been an American Quarter Horse Association Ranching Heritage Breeder since the program’s inception by the AQHA.

The ranch is currently using 5 stallions.  Information about each of these stallions is available on this website at the button “stallions."

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