A Brief History of Israel

A Different Preterist Perspective - As Edited by Lloyd Dale from a paper originally written in 1999 by Duncan McKenzie entitled “A New Preterist Perspective”


Ascension errors - A discussion of The Ascension of Jesus as presented in Acts 1 9-11

Comments about the book - Israel in Bible Prophecy - by John L. Bray

Commentary on Amos 9

EVOLUTION: The Christ of Humanism (>>>See News report also)

Ezekiel - Prophet to the House of Israel

Heaven & Earth

I Corinthians 15:19-28

I Corinthians 15:23-28

I Thessalonians 4:13-17

Judeo-Christian or simply Christian

Lightning or Lightening

Minneapolis free lance reporter: Report on the evolution-creation conflict between the Lemmon Public School and Lloyd Dale

My Response to a Nay Sayer - pertaining to Rev 17 and the abyss


Response to Bryan Peterson Random Thoughts 1

Response to DeBoer's seriously Flawed Book

Response to the Brandon Vallorani Article (02-29-08)

Romans 7


Something is radically wrong in America

The Errors, Inconsistences, & False Accusations of a Dispensationalist

The Evil Figs

The Greatest Promise Ever Given To Mankind vs the greatest hoax

The Kingdom

The kingdom of God as presented in certain Old Testament prophecies and clarified by the New Testament

The Kingdom of YHWH, the kingdom of Heaven, His Heavenly Kingdom

The Old Testament standard behind the New Testament statement, “in these last Days”

The Parousia - the accession to the throne of David - The throne of His Glory

The Religious, Cultural, and Societal Failure of Dispensational Eschatology

The Timing of the Millennium and Millennial Martyrs -Response to Don Preston's 40 year view

The Whole House of Israel (Autosaved)

Todd Dennis: Christ's Ministry of Reconciliation: Israel's Divorce and Remarriage

To Meet the Lord in the Air

Was Jesus Born Again by Don Preston as edited by Lloyd Dale

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